Who wouldn’t love it?

Levitra has buried itself into the hearts of many men, thanks to its effectiveness and durability. It contains a compound called Vardenafil. Now these pills belong to the family of PDE5 inhibitors that relax your blood cells to allow even more blood flow into the penis. You might be surprised how many men actually use Vardenafil, even though its not as popular as Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Now this Vilitra drug is just like Levitra, but it’s a generic Levitra, a substitute by a different manufacturer. However, it doesn’t mean its something of lower effectiveness or it’s a poor man’s choice! VIlitra can be just as good, even better than Levitra in many cases! You just have try it out since the manufacturer will “upgrade” the drug in his own design.

Why should I buy generic Levitra and no the TRUE one?

Well it all depends on you. The generic Levitra is cheaper drug, that has the exact SAME effect, but it has a different branding and different “look”. There is literally no other difference. You should always check the back of the package for more information since there might be added compounds that will affect you differently than Viagra or Spedra.

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