For pairs

Do you have problems in your intimate life? We would like to offer you something special that can help you. We have lots of salons in our republic, in all bigger cities – so you cannot go only to Prague. This procedure is really special, because it is not classical. There are touches not only to your back and arms or legs, but there are also touches of intimate parties. You can enjoy your time with beautiful girl, who is professional expert and who really know, how to make you happy.

Nothing bad

It is really nothing bad; it is only relaxation procedure for all people, who want to try this original way of entertainment. It is nuru massage that can help you with cleaning your mind, because it is original procedure, when girl will massage you by her own body and you can enjoy special moments of pleasure. Here you can pass something special and nice, don´t wait for anything, read about our salon and about our procedures. You can find here also photos of our girls and you can choose the right girl, who is sexy for you and who will take care about you.